One of the great frauds perpetrated on the college football world are the false and fraudulent claims of Alabama, both officially by the school and by its myopic, rabid, illogical and lying fanbase. This fraud is perpetuated by the Alabama Sports Information Dept and by homerish writers who write books like “The Missing Ring” by Keith Dunnavant (in which he laughably tries to justify a national title claim in a year in which Bama finished THIRD in both polls, 1966). This kind of fanatical, over the top insular myopia must be confronted head on, and corrected so that history remains true, and not recast and falsely tainted. Thus, this will look at how Alabama falsely claims FIFTEEN (15) national championships in football, when they have really only won SEVEN (7) CONSENSUS undisputed national championships at best.

1926–5 teams claim title including 9-0-1 Bama. Pop Warner’s 10-0-1 Stanford team is generally considered 1926 national champion, and were recognized as such by Helms and the NCF (National Championship Foundation), the consensus selectors of that time.  NOT CONSENSUS
1930–the first of Notre Dame’s national championships that Bama tries to fraudulently claim they won. ND was the CONSENSUS choice of the major selectors of the time, the NCF and Helms. 10-0 ND, one of Rockne’s greatest teams ever and his last National Championship before his death. Bama was not recognized as champion by any consensus selectors of that time.

1934–Bama tries to falsely claim Minnesota’s CONSENSUS title, which both NCF and Helms awarded to Minn.

1941–Bama laughably tries to claim a national title in a year they were 9-2 over undefeated Minn again, despite the now recognized consensus selector being the AP poll, which went to Minn. This just shows how far Alabama and their fans are willing to perpetrate their fraud—Bama was ranked 20th in the final AP poll. TWENTIETH. Notre Dame by the way had a 8-0-1 undefeated season and finished 3rd, yet undefeated Notre Dame does NOT claim the 1941 national title.

1964–Bama did win the AP and UPI votes this year, but interestingly, lost their bowl game to Texas, a team undefeated #2 Arkansas, which also claims the title, had defeated during the season. Arkansas was voted National Champions by the NCF and the Football Writers Association (FWAA). Also, Notre Dame was recognized as National Champions by the NFF (McArthur Trophy). Bama benefitted by the bowl games NOT counting in the final polls. Thus, at best, disputed and tainted, as Arkansas ended up being the only undefeated team. Notre Dame was #1 playing its final game against USC, and was about 3 minutes away from an undefeated National Championship season when USC scored a late TD to upset #1 ND in the final game.

1965–Disputed and NOT CONSENSUS. 10-1 Mich St won the Coaches Poll and the NFF (McArthur).9-1-1 Bama won the AP poll which for that year, due to the major controversy of the year before, was taken AFTER the Bowl games. Thus, Bama benefitted from the Bowl games counting that particular year for the AP poll, because Mich St lost the Rose Bowl when they tried but failed to get a 2 pt conversion in the final minutes and lost to UCLA 14-12.. Bama had finished a distant FOURTH in the AP poll after the regular season, but because the AP happened to wait for the bowls that year, Bama somehow vaulted from 4 to 1. In any event, Mich St won the coach’s poll, so its not a consensus national title, and thus disputed.

1973–this is the biggest sham and fraud Bama tries to pull off. Yet another national championship won by Notre Dame that Bama tries to claim it won. By then, due to the previous years of controversy re when the final poll should be taken, the AP was now permanently doing their final poll AFTER the bowl games, starting in 1969. Thus, going into the bowl games, Bama was 10-0 and ranked #1. Notre Dame was 10-0 and ranked #3, but effectively #2 because Oklahoma was on probation and ineligible and didn’t play in a bowl game. Notre Dame of course beat #1 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, which was called the National Championship game, and was called by Bear Bryant “the most important game in the history of the South”.

Notre Dame, 11-0,  swept ALL the final polls taken after the National Championship game (AP, NFF, NCF, FWAA) and were the undisputed National Champions. Yet 10-1 Alabama officially and unofficially by its myopic fraudulent fans, still claims they are 1973 national champions EVEN THOUGH THEY LOST THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TO NOTRE DAME. Incredible. In order to make that claim, Bama has to pretend that the 1973 Sugar Bowl National Championship Game, a game that Bear himself called “the most important game in the History of the South”, was not played. Notre Dame beat Alabama on the field in the championship game, and there is no possible dispute. Notre Dame was the undisputed national champions of 1973.

1978–Disputed and NOT CONSENSUS. Bama finished 11-1 and won the final AP poll. USC finished 12-1 and won the final coaches poll. But most importantly, USC DEFEATED BAMA in the regular season AT Alabama, 24-14. So once again, in order to believe Bama’s claim that they were national champions, you would have to pretend that the USC-Bama game was not even played. Once again, a false and tarnished claim, and despite the split polls, USC had proven they were better than Bama on the field of play.

Thus, of the 15! allegedly CLAIMED titles that Alabama fraudulently CLAIMS, EIGHT ARE FALSE, DISPUTED AND NOT CONSENSUS. MORE THAN HALF OF BAMA’s CLAIMED TITLES ARE FRAUDULENT! Bama, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I call upon the NCAA to officially penalize and instruct Alabama to cease to claim these false and fraudulent national championships when the history is there for all to see. Bama’s attempts to manipulate, alter and lie about history is an insult to all college football fans and historians everywhere, and this kind of fraud should not be allowed by the NCAA.

Thus, Alabama has won at most 7 CONSENSUS national titles, which is LESS than Notre Dame’s 11 CONSENSUS national titles. Those 7 titles are ONLY: 1925, 1961, 1979, 1992, 2009, 2011, 2012. That means of course Bear Bryant won only 2 consensus undisputed national titles. Any claims to more are false and a fraud.

Today’s history lesson is now done.